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Saturday, March 16, 2019

How hard work leads to success

How hard work leads to success

How hard work leads to success

Success is something that we all desire for but not all of us are able to achieve it. What do you think is the reason behind it? How hard work leads to success God has created each one of us as the best of his creation and has blessed us all with the same brain. Then what is that one thing that creates a difference? It is our sincerity towards ourselves, it is the number of efforts that we put in our work and of course, it is our hard work that pays off. These days we are all more interested in getting our hands on easy money. This is the reason why our success these days is short lived. To be honest, it takes hard work, motivation, and sweat to get to know the real essence of a success that lasts forever.  There is a long list of entrepreneurs and bloggers who not only worked hard for achieving success but believed in creating business opportunities instead of waiting for them. Let us seek motivation from their success stories.
Famous Blogger and Digital Marketer Neil Patel:
From being an ordinary employer at a berry farm hired for cleaning restrooms and for emptying the trash cans, Neil Patel developed himself as a co-founder of crazy eggs, KISS metrics, and Hello bar. Surrounded by the family of professionals who were into business for years, Neil was motivated by his mother to create work from home opportunities for himself. This transformation did not really happen overnight, he earned it all by his hard work and sincerity. He tested himself in quite a number of earning opportunities, from trying hard in a sale purchase business to working for others as an employee, he excelled the art of digital marketing. He now owns several software houses and a few known digital marketing firms.
Syed Balkhi
Syed Moiz Balkhi stepped into the world of entrepreneurship at a tender age of 12 and that too when he had little knowledge of English and had just immigrated to America from Pakistan. For him, his computer was his new best friend in an alien world around him. His companionship with this electronic device truly opened up newer opportunities for him and groomed him as an individual or words and wisdom. WPBeginner is his creation that is the largest site currently providing WordPress resources for free. The journey of success was filled with ups and downs, but he did not let the fear of failure overpower his intentions. His first entrepreneurial venture of selling Muslim Holiday Eid cards at the age of 7 outshined his expectations and motivated him to work hard for touching even greater heights of success in the future. He is now one of the 100 most influential entrepreneurs under 30. 
Abdul Wali
Abdul Wali is someone who we must look up to. His thirst of attaining knowledge together with his dedication and consistent hard work is what he considers to be the biggest of all his assets. From being a random biryani seller in Karachi he remarkably transformed himself to someone who earned Rs. 1 crore in a year simply by offering online assistance to quite a large number of people at different e-learning platforms. He was someone who has never attended a school or a college, but he wisely invested in himself. He first improved his linguistic abilities by reading and understanding Urdu and Pashto newspapers. He then spent a few bucks on buying a PC and then dedicatedly worked over improving his skill set with the help of a few kind beings around him. Ultimately, he used those hard-earned skills to serve as the basis of various work from home opportunities. Do you think he would have been this successful without this much hard work?
Bia Alina Ehtesham Karachi Blogger:
Providing people with her brutally honest reviews and carving a place in their hearts by giving a definition of style and comfort to the word ‘hijab’, Alina is a Pakistani blogger who never really fails to amaze us with her charm and wisdom. Her hard work, passion and her consistency towards making efforts to leave a mark behind, she has successfully earned over 36.3K followers on Instagram. It was her charisma and purity of intentions that she recently got broadcasted in tv for a known local shampoo brand. She has also stepped into the world of entrepreneurship by launching her apparel brand under the title of MOOD by Alina. Her brand truly reflects her classy and bossy attitude towards life and its struggles and provides its consumer with high-quality stylish apparels that never fail to meet their high expectations. They say that God helps those who help themselves and believe me, they say it right. Put in your efforts, stay pure in terms of your intentions and say bye to the fear of failure, success is soon going to kiss your feet.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

How to survive the depression

How to survive the depression

In today’s materialistic world people are so busy in their own lives that they hardly pay attention to what others are going through. Our day to day activities and our fight against time has made us a slave of our own needs and desires. Wealth has unfortunately taken over the importance of health and our fake behaviors and harsh words that we spill on others do not really bother us. Under such circumstances, we often dwell into the darkness of self-created insecurities and complexes that ultimately pave their way to depression – the greatest of all mental disorders. Fortunately, it is not an incurable disease and one can easily get rid of it if he prefers to deal with it sensibly. There are a number of ways that might let you lead a depression-free life but before moving to the solution, we must know what the problem is.

What is depression?

Depression doesn’t really have a definition. It can merely be described as a mental illness where a person’s good thoughts or optimistic approach towards life gets shattered by the gloominess and insecurities that he chooses to survive with. It is not always a cause of some drastic tragedy in one’s life, sometimes our habit of overthinking over the most meaningless and insignificant things in our life makes us feel depressed. In other words, it can be thought of as a person’s inability to find good in all the bad that surrounds him.

How To Fight Depression Alone?

There are a number of ways that might help you free yourselves from the distressing and deteriorating effects of this evil of depression. However, two of the most effective of them are comprehensively discussed here.

1.       Cultivating a habit of being grateful for the blessings that surround you
We are sometimes so negligent to all the major and minor blessings that surround us that we easily fall prey to ungratefulness that ultimately makes it difficult for us to fight depression. An easy way to avoid this is to compile a list of things that make you feel happy every day or the list of the names of positive people that surround you. You may even keep a list of all the beautiful places that you have ever visited or you may opt for being grateful about the fact that you can hear and see the colors and things that surround you. A little bit of gratitude is never going to harm you, in fact, it is going to make things easier for you.

2.       Speak up! Seek help!

Depression and anxiety are often intermingled. A depressed person irresistibly shouts at everyone who tries to come to his rescue. He loses his ability to control or pacify his feelings and emotions and this is something that makes others leave him on his own. Solitude further aggravates the situation, making things even more unbearable. A good idea to avoid any such situation is to speak up and ask for help from your dear and near ones. 

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Power To Decide

Power To Decide

Power To Decide

Every human in this world from onset until now is trying to live a life full of success. Each wants to have a status and name in History. This trend is like to carry on until the very end. But out of billions, there are just a few who have achieved this eternal desire. Why? There are lots of factors which help you towards the ultimate glory but the most important is power to decide. Decision making power and then sticking to it even in worst of circumstances is what keeps you in the hunt.

Quotidian Dilemma:

The most common issue with 99% of people is, they can’t take their decisions freely. Do they always seem to search for someone to guide them about what to do?  They are always trying to hide behind someone. The thought prevailing to this scenario is that they are afraid of failure and always trying to blame someone else for their failure. Our social norms also suppress the power to decide. Everyone is bound to follow social norms set by their parents, relatives, teachers or even neighbours. What do you want to study? What you want to become? Which girl to marry? Which career to choose? You are not allowed to take a free decision. This continuous suppression makes you surrender to circumstances and creates a fear of failure. So, to begin the journey towards success, there is always a need for a dream and to follow the dream, you need to learn the art of decision making.

What and When to Decide:

What decisions are you going to make depends upon what you want to achieve in your life? This is a big question, so take your time. Don’t haste in making a decision. First find your desire, your real dream, your passion and once you found it. Take your final decision and start your sincere and dedicated efforts. But the most important factor is that in what circumstances or mood you are in while taking the decision. You have to make sure that there is no element of haste, anger or any other emotional aspect while taking the decision. Decision made under emotional circumstances destroys any logic or reason behind your decision. A Great Scholar has quoted
“Fury is a lion, which eats your future”. (W.A.Wasif)

Walk on Thrones to get Roses:

Success is not a piece of cake in the plate ready to eat. You need to work, try and suffer a lot before reaching your destination. There is one thing to mention that success without effort happens very rarely but it takes away the taste of struggle to achieve your goal. Most of the people while seeing Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincon, and Michael Jordan desire to become like them but they are not ready to give scarifies which all of these and other successful personalities give during their journey to this success. Success is built on a pile of failures. Power to decide indicates that once you made the correct decision after finding your passion and real desire, you must stick with it even you have to face the worst. Society will be against you as you are trying to rebel. You are trying to go against its norms and rules. You are trying to take free decisions. Even if you are doing this to no harm but still it will happen because they will not understand. 90% of Scholars, Scientists, saints, and achievers were once declared ‘Insane’ by society. Let this not affect your ambitions.
“Being understood is not the most essential thing in life” (Jodie Foster)
You must keep yourself on track facing all the hurdles with a smile. You must keep in your mind that all the problems and failures are piling up your status, the higher the pile, the greater the success.

Thursday, February 7, 2019




In the hustle bustle of this world, there is an unseen competition among the human race. Everyone is trying to supersede others to achieve social, spiritual, economical satisfaction. Some people acquire what they aim and many wonders on the steep hill towards the ultimate destination. The biggest threat accompanies them throughout the journey, Fear of Failure

Law of Nature:

It is an obvious law of nature that there is an opposite to everything, For example; day/night, war/peace, joy/grief, hope/dismay and so on. In the same manner, where there is a success, there is the failure, as success is an obvious reality; failure is also a bitter truth. The fear of failure is the biggest hurdle in the way of success. Hefty research has been done to conclude that 99% of successful people have failed more than twice before making the mark. Many people do not try just for the fear of failure. Failure is the harsh reality which cannot be compromised at any stage of life. Here arises a question, if failure is must than how do you succeed?

The formula of Success:

The formula of success will be explained by two simple examples of the recent past so that you may know that failure is the most important ingredient of success.

Thomas Edison who invented the bulb failed a thousand times before being able to achieve the invention.
Michael Jordon missed around nine thousand shots, lost almost three hundred games for his side and missed twenty-six winning shots during his career. Yet he is renowned as the most famous and reliable player in the history of basketball.

How heaven did they do that after such failures? Why they were not disappointed? There would have been a lot of criticism on them, how we're able to avoid it? The simple answer is that they took their failure as steps towards success. As quoted by Thomas Edison,
“I have not failed. I have just found ten thousand ways that won’t work”


So, it is vivid that to achieve the success you have to go through the tough phase of struggle and failures. It is better to fail while trying instead of not trying. You must overcome the fear of failure and give your best even if you fail.

“When we give ourselves permission to fail we at the same time give ourselves permission to excel “. (Elosie Risted)

History reckons names of people who did not bend in front of fear of failure and kept trying even after failing continuously, for example, Winston Churchill, Barak Obama, Abraham Lincon, Imran Khan, Oprah, Will Smith. It is on you to live an ordinary static life with boring daily routine and reasons to complain about your fate. Or you can live a life full of new ideas with nothing to lose, putting efforts, awakening with new determination every morning, defeating the fear of failure and knitting each failure into the embodiment of success and that’s the win-win situation.   

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Inner Peace Freedom

Inner Peace-Freedom

Inner Peace-Freedom

Real Success is to find your inner peace. It is quite worthy to motivate one to work hard to achieve this ultimate goal. Inner peace is the hidden treasure, which requires lots of self-examining and efforts to fetch any clue of it. Lots and lots of research have been made to answer these questions. What is Inner peace? Where to find inner peace?

Common Ideas:

It is mostly populated in books and lectures that to be successful you need to have a great job or daily prospering business.  It is not wrong to mention that both these goals of achieving a great job or a prospering business are one of the most demanding needs of the time. But that is not in any manner the only ways to get your inner peace. There is also worth mentioning that 90% of people sacrifice their inner peace just to achieve a good job or structuring a progressing business. I have met many people around who have achieved either of these but are far from being satisfied. They are the elite class of society. They are business tycoons. Yet they want to flee away.

Why run away?

After doing a handful of research and meetings with concerned individuals, the most common and strong wish was that they need a break. They like enslaved to social ties. The robots living the life, they are programmed to. They are bored with all this stuff. Why? God has created all his creations with an innate love of freedom. A child born is free of all kinds of social, regional or religious obligations like the dress, language, attitude, manners/ethics. It’s the environment which bounds the child to social or other merits.

How to live with liberty:

The main purpose of this article is not to convince people to live undressed or rebel against social norms but to create a sense of freedom and liberty. You were born free why to live with fear and die as a slave.  You should live with liberty to choose how you want to live. What you want to be? What career you want to choose? It should be without fear of failure or under instructions of anybody else or from books. There is no reason to become a doctor due to your uncle is a famous doctor. A teacher’s child is not born to be a teacher.

Inner Peace Freedom

So to be successful doesn’t limit you to just achieve a job or have a prospering business. It is to get what you want. It is to achieve inner peace and inner peace is in freedom. As a free native of this world, you have the right to choose with freedom, freedom to feel, freedom to think. Liberty is an innate attribute which requires to be fed well enough or it will make your life miserable and painful even if you are at a great post or a successful business tycoon.  Now is the time to take the step towards freedom or you will be the only one to blame. It will be a complete change to your mindset and make you feel free. If you remain under salvation, you will not make it towards ultimate success. As quoted by Gene Roddenberry
“ A man either lives life as it happens to him, meets it head-on and licks it, or he turns his back on it and starts to wither away”.

Mind Set- The Real Boss

Mind Set- The Real Boss

Mind Set- The Real Boss

Either you are doing an administrative job ranked at a higher post or working as an assistant in an office. You are an entrepreneur of a growing business or a shop keeper in local society, doing a permanent job or freelancing, a professional woman or home-based mom. You can be any one of these or else but one thing is the same that everyone is in search of something better. Each of us is trying to escape, where he is. Everybody needs liberty and freedom.


Highly ranked officer is scared of his seniors. Assistants are fed up of their admin officer’s behave. An entrepreneur is upset to think of newly growing market competitors and the shop keeper is depressed to see a decrease in daily sales. Permanent employees are disappointed to have no further opportunity and freelancers are concerned about projects. The professional woman is depressed to manage both office and house responsibilities and home-based mom are bored with their dull life. Why? This word is the most abrupt one arising in our minds. Why is everyone so frustrated or disturbed with its current setup.

The Real Boss:

The reason behind all his stuff is that everyone is trying to convince and satisfy their bosses or people around them but no one is taking care of the real boss. Yes! The real boss of the human being is a mindset. Mindset is the boss whose impact on our life is as deep and irresistible which aren’t manageable. It’s all about the mindset which makes you feel relaxed while facing most complex challenges in your life or make you feel disappointing while doing simple routine work. As quoted by Mr. Carols. Dweck, PhD

“Twenty years of research has shown that the view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life. It can determine whether you become the person you want to be and whether you accomplish the things you value"

Can Do Attitude:

So, it is the mindset which makes you feel over the world or under the earth. You have to make a positive mindset with a can-do attitude to be successful in every walk of life. There is nothing in the world that can’t be done. There mustn’t be a fear of failure. One should keep in mind that failure tells you the right way to success. The best thing about mindset is that even being the real boss, it can be changed with the passage of time. You will need to create the habit of modification to your mindset by little but persistent efforts. It will be not a walk in the park but you can do it. 99% of successful billionaires have this one attribute in common; they have the ability to change their mindset according to the need of time. In my opinion, one should change its mindset towards the aim or work Instead of finding the best work that suits your mindset. It is impossible for everyone to find an ideal working situation. So, direct your mindset to be a modified boss to encourage you're towards success.

Thursday, January 24, 2019



There is a lot of motivational chirping around regarding success e.g. How to be successful? What changes are required to be successful? Where to get tips? Researchers and thinkers made a lot of effort to answer these questions. Hundreds and thousands of books are written and video lectures are viral regarding this issue.  All of which are very helpful and informative but the major issue/problem remains unsolved that is WHAT IS SUCCESS?
Let us get some normal views/ideas about success.
  1. Success is to get wealth.
  2. To get a good job.
  3. To have authority.
  4. Have a beautiful wife, house & luxury cars.
  5. To complete a degree with an excellent GPA.

The Basic Problem:

These are usual measures of success that we hear and view people struggling day n night to achieve. Here is a big question. Do they all succeed? Are they happy to get any of the above-mentioned measures, which they suffered for? You have led a life full of tiresome efforts to have the title of a billionaire at front page in Forbes, Sacrificed your day & nights, left your social life and worked more to make your business grow bigger. You were persistent and resilient that no failure was able to push you back. Now you have done it but there is some emptiness inside. You are still worried for some reasons. It is like you missed something very important far behind while driven on the road to success. Why? You have achieved what you wanted or you just followed the norms of society and forgot what you really wanted to be?

Historical Ref:

Human beings are most complex structured as well as authoritative creation in the universe. It is the embodiment of such attributes that sometimes are unbelievable. Mao Zedong, A great Chinese leader but in fact, just a single human being, changed a lazy nation into one of the top economies of the world. Hitler was the main reason for World War II and massacred so many people just for his wish to rule the world. Steve Jobs created Apple. They were all able to do such unbelievable (right or wrong) things/events to name themselves in history is because they found their inner self. They were able to find what they really wanted and that made them extraordinary. Everyone has that one will of doing something extraordinary but there are very few in the history that in fact, did extraordinary work.

Real Success:

So, Success is not to be what others want you to be. Success is what you want from yourself. It can be anything from above-mentioned points or something else. You can't find it in success stories of others or books. It's within you. You have to find your inner peace. Just take your time, relax, kick out all the other factors from your mind and just listen to the voice of your inner self and extract what is your real aim. Once you are able to detect what your real need is? Your journey to real success will begin at the same moment and there will be no fear of failure as well as no regrets after achievement. That will be real SUCCESS.